My journey of self-discovery and understanding, deeply rooted in spiritual and psychological principles. As a John Maxwell certified & founding partner Transformation Coach as well as a certified Brain Coach through the Brain Institute my approach to teaching this principle, is rooted in the wisdom imparted by Moses' father-in-law, “Your job is to teach them the rules and instructions, to show them how to live, and what work they should do” emphasizes not just the knowledge that governs life but the cultivation of understanding practical skills for living.

This journey deepens when many of my mentees expressed confusion and difficulty in grasping the teachings I offered. They yearned to understand and apply the invaluable wisdom I shared yet struggled to retain it and implement it in their lives. Determined to uncover the root cause, I embarked on an investigation journey for clarity. Inspired by this pursuit, my heartfelt prayers titled "Sweep Your House" and "Sweep Your Soul," realized it was time to go deep into the workings of the mind.

I am excited to understand the significance of our brain, the very instrument shaping our reality and experiences. And I also recognize the importance of addressing not only the conscious mind but also the unconscious processes that influence behavior and perception.

It became clear to me why consistency was not a norm to my mentees and why their memories of my lessons faded. The unconscious is a powerful force in shaping our perceptions and actions, it holds the key. Even thought, my teaching evolved into a transformative journey of self-discovery, a treasure hunt within us to unearth the roadblock hindering our intended realities. The questions were: Could change be achieved? What steps were needed for consistency? What hidden treasures lay in the uncharted territories of our minds, promising a healthier existence?

Transitioning from merely existing to truly living became the focal point. At the heart of my mission lies a profound truth summarized in these words from the book of life: “The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I came so they can have a real, better life than they ever dreamed of, to the fullest measure”. Identifying this internal "thief" is very important, for its presence within us threatens to sabotage our journey toward self-realization and fulfillment.