Coaching Classes:

“Laws of Life” for Better Living Workshop

There are laws that govern life that can bring about good

results or hinder your life, your relationships, your career

and your greater success. Experience an intensive 2-day

workshop packed with empowerment tools and insightful

strategies designed to teach YOU laws for better living.

When People Stop Speaking... Death

Takes Place Workshop

Experience an intensive 3 - day workshop critical cycle-

breaking workshop is packed with empowerment tools

that will equip you with insightful strategies how to use

the power of speech to get what you want from life,

eliminate the fear of speaking and gain more productivity

by learning the proper way to communicate so you can

connect with your dreams, goals andrelationships.

You Must Live A Lifestyle of Success to Succeed

Lifestyle is defined as the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral

standards and economic level that together to constitute

a mode of living. To gain and maintain a certain "lifestyle"

you must first learn the culture of that lifestyle. In this

9-week self-development course Coach Khannah Josué

will reveal tools and strategies designed to sponsor you

into a lifestyle that produces success. 

How To Transition From Company Employment To

If you are frustrated with your job and ready to get YOUR

business started, there are some pitfalls and important wisdom

you need to know BEFORE you “take the leap” to transition from

company employee to self-employment. Allow me to share with

you HOW TO maximize your time of transition. REGISTER TODAY

so we can start strategizing!

A Plan For Your Growth

To reach your potential you must grow. To grow you must be intentional. This course will assist you tolearn, to grow and develop to become person you were created to be.

Business Success for Entrepreneurs 

Knowledge of the proper etiquette in business world is vital to cultivate a progressive mindset and create productive working environments for yourself and inside your company/business. Don't like your employer; not moving up the corporate ladder; business not growing, low employee morale ... Get answers to change your perspective as an employee, as a business owner, and/or employer.

Things To Do BEFORE You Leave Your Job Workshop

You don't want to leave your job for self-employment without receiving some essential and practical keys in this step-by-step class to guide you through the transition process.

Course Sessions: ONLINE Workshop

Course Fee: $25.00

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