Vercora Herbert
Wedding Date: 09/25/2021

Divine Connection
Divine connections don't happen all the time but that is what we experienced with Dr. Khannah Josue.
My husband had sent me the information for Riverwalk Weddings. I reached out using the app and everything just flowed after that. Speaking to Dr. Khannah Josue was easy and she made me feel very comfortable. I shared our wedding day vision with her and how we recently lost our daughter. We wanted to honor her memory during the wedding planning and on our wedding day. Dr Khannah Josue gave us spiritual guidance during our premarital session and encouraging words leading up to our special day. Our special day, 9/25/2021, was an experience that no one will ever forget. The Holy Spirit was moving and left an impact on everyone that was there. There was not a dry eye in sight. I still get emotional when I think of our wedding day and I know our daughter loved it. Every little detail that went into acknowledging her presence will be remembered. I'm so glad we had such a divine connection with Dr. Kannah Josue and her staff. Everyone was so kind to us and our guests were so impressed with Dr. Kannah Josue. Thank you again for everything!

Kristen Martschinsky
Wedding Date:

She is Amazing!
I have social anxiety and don’t like being the center of attention for too long. She made it quick and easy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! 💖

Kayva Katooru
Wedding Date: 11/21/21

She's so sweet. We're really happy to have found her.

Nichole Francis
Wedding Date: 11/12/21

Dr. Khannah was truly amazing. She exceeded my expectations. I absolutely would recommend Dr. Khannah.

Cristal Oliver
Wedding Date: 11/11/21

OMG! Dr. Josué was soooo much more than I expected. She helped have such a beautiful last minute ceremony. I mean literally helped me with everything the location, vowels, and even a photographer. I am so thankful for Dr. Josué and can’t wait to have her again for our big wedding next year 🤗. If I could I would rate her 10 stars she goes above and beyond. Book! You won’t regret it.

Jeremy Jackson

Dr. Khannah Josue is a perfect wedding officiant! Somewhere to happened to me and my wife official wedding planning, which was gonna turn out to be cancelled and Dr Khannah, came up with an idea that save our wedding towards still workout out, (court house) a year or 2, I will definitely looking forward to contact her again to officiate my ceremony. Thank you Dr. Khannah Josue.

Lizzy Hicks
Wedding Date: 5/1/2021

We loved working with Dr. Khannah! She did an excellent job as our officiant! Thank you Dr. Khannah!

Denisha Carothers
Wedding Date: 10/10/2021

When I say Dr Josué is one of a kind I mean that wholeheartedly! She was very understanding and prompt. Get this I booked her a wedding week before and her weekend was already really busy but she made it her business to make it to mines and on time. I could never repay her for what she did for my husband and I! I highly recommend her services to anyone in the DFW area!

Courtney Perry
Wedding Date: 10/22/2021

Dr. Khannah was so great! My husband and I just wanted to do traditional vows and she did such a beautiful job. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I didn’t provide a whole lot of info besides just do the traditional vows since we were already married But Dr. Khannah Josuè understood the assignment. Book with her if you need an officiant you will not be disappointed!

Natasha Aleka
Wedding Date: 10/16/2021

Dr Khannah was amazing! She showed up on time, very professional and kind. she cared and valued our wedding day and even stay a little later since our ceremony started late with no complaints. She was all that I was looking for when looking for someone to officiate our wedding. Best decision ever. Our wedding ceremony was perfect. Thanks to her and her staff.

Bria Walker

Wedding Date: 10/7/2021

Dr. Khannah is a wonderful individual. She is very attentive and responsive person. The first day I reached out to her, she responded the same day. My husband and I did premarital counseling with her and we fell in love. Even though the counseling was virtual, Dr. Khannah did a wonderful job with connecting with us. On the day of our wedding, Dr. Khannah was on time and ready to go! She has this wonderful uplifting spirit and made my special day even better. All of our guests could not stop talking about how much they enjoyed her as our officiant. I would recommend all my friends to her whether it’s to be an officiant or just counseling.

Shawntae Jackson
Wedding Date: 10/17/2021

First I was going through pure wedding hell before the wedding even started and Dr Josue made me laugh and I really needed that. Second, love how she helped us through what we needed to say because both of us stumbled over our words. She really helped make it beautiful. Third, My dad asked where we found Dr Josue at and my mom's couldn't stop gushing about her. She kept us calm through our nervousness and really was all over amazing. Finally, I will be sending everyone I know her way so that they can have that beautiful experience. I will also be going back to her because if she can make my wedding day beautifully unforgettable then I know the home buying is

Sheenos Harris
Wedding Date: 10/9/2021

After reading some reviews it was a MUST we have you officiate are ceremony. She was very professional and communicated with us every step of the process. We surely want to thank you for helping us through this process. Everything was perfect. Everyone loved her presence. She made us both feel confident in our decision and even more ready to say “I do”👍🏾❤️. If you’re looking for a non-religious ceremony that’s full of love, you won’t be disappointed. We will be contacting her soon for the other services she provides. 👍🏾

Carlton Willams
Wedding Date: 10/9/2021

We surely want to thank you for working your “magic”. She did everything on time and right. Made our first marriage experience a blast. She made us both feel good and even more ready to say “I do”👍🏾❤️. We will be contacting her soon for the other services she provides. 👍🏾

Teresa McKinnon
Wedding Date: 05/15/2021

Excellent Vendor
The Service was beautiful and Dr. Khannah was very professional and also looked very Beautiful for the Ceremony.

Shelbi Talavera
Wedding Date: 09/25/2021

We had a marriage counseling session with Dr. Khannah José about a month or so before our wedding. We talked with her for over an hour, she was great and we were able to relate to her! At the end of the session though, she informed us that she might not be able to officiate our wedding due to having other weddings on the same day of ours (ours was in the San Antonio area) but that another officiant on her team would be available if she was not. She was not able to officiate our wedding, which we did not find out until about 30 min before the wedding. My fiancé’s best man died 6 weeks prior to our wedding. We had discussed doing a moment of silence for him before our ceremony started. Unfortunately, the member on her team that she had sent to officiate for us was not aware of this. She was made aware only because I asked my planner to double check with her. She also did not know we were going to be giving our own personal vows. The other officiant that she had sent was great, and did a wonderful job. However we paid for Dr. Khannah to officiate not a team member. Unfortunately, we feel like this is something that happens often with Dr. Khannah.

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