"You can digest the Word properly when

it is broken down for you to chew."

If you are willing to commit by investing only $10 per week to this weekly "teaching for the soul" I am willing to commit and invest my time and wisdom from the original translation of the Word through these teachings. You will receive from the revelation & prophetic insight what Elohim is saying to you concerning your development, clear direction and a clear understanding of the Word.

Study sessions will be held via private Facebook Live Broadcast.
These are non-obligation weekly sessions. You are welcome to join in when
you are available. 

Weekly Study Sessions
Saturday at 10:30 AM CST  (11:30 AM EST)

To be prepared for the study session you will need:

  • Pen and paper for notes
  • Bible (Scripture and teaching will be based from the Complete Jewish Bible translation)
  • A quiet area to be able to hear and focus without distractions

$10 seed per person weekly to access the private Facebook Live broadcast

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