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Food For The Soul Shabbat

Event Type: Wisdom Session

Registration: Open Exclusively to Kanaph Mentees

The "Food For The Soul Shabbat" study session is a perfect way to unwind and learn with tailored "bite-size" portions of the weekly Parasha (weekly Torah reading) to broaden, clarify and share an applicable understanding of the Scripture to renew the soul. The live video conference session will empower you for the week and enlighten you for a deeper relationship with Elohim to live and share with others!

Here is a session video to preview the teaching:

Why Should Believers Celebrate Biblical Feasts & Festivals?

Event Type: Online Mini Course

Date/Time: Next Class TBA

Registration: FREE & Open to the public

Here is a "preview video" to this Mini-course:

ALL Believers have been extended an invitation to gather before Elohim at His appointed times to share in deeper revelation of the Kingdom. In the quest for "more of Adonai" and "a deeper relationship" with Him, many Believers are unaware or ignore the designated times and open gates to the very things they are seeking. In this session Rabbi Khannah Josué will discuss "Why should Believers celebrate the Biblical Feast and Festivals. This is a FREE learning opportunity! YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE DEADLINE TO PARTICIPATE. Register under "FOOD OF THE SOUL SHABBAT".

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Talmid Of The Word Mentorship

Event Type: Mentorship Program

Date/Time: Spring Semester starts May, 2020

Registration: Open

These programs will develop a desire in you to practice what you studied in becoming an observant believer and a participator of LIFE! By participating in these various teaching sessions, Rabbi Josue will share with you how to study your word from a Hebraic perspective and how to apply the ancient wisdom to a practical healthy lifestyle.

The Tallit Mini-Course (2-Day)

Event Type: Online Class

Date/Time: Next Class TBA
Registration: Open - Course Fee $35

In the tallit we have a powerful treasure! This 2-Day course is an intensive learning opportunity to increase your knowledge and deepen your understanding of the significance, meaning and function of the tallit as based in the Scripture. Don't miss this opportunity to learn "what's in your hand"! 

First Fruits Course (2-Day)

Event Type: Online Class

Date/Time: Next Class TBA
Registration: Open - Course Fee $49

What is the significance of this Feast? Why is it important to Believers today? Learn more and receive answers to your questions about the celebration of the Biblical Feast of First Fruits.

Retaliation Is Robbing Your Wealth

Event Type: Online Life & Business Etiquette Coaching

Date/Time: Next Class TBA
Registration: $15

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it does exist. ~ Zig Ziglar Let’s examine some issues and gain strategies

for resolution.






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